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Michael Pineda Injury Update: Yankees Receive 'Disappointing' News On Young Hurler

As time passes and more news begins to trickle out about the shoulder of New York Yankees young hurler Michael Pineda, the more it seems he will not be making his Yankee debut anytime soon. The latest setback seems to have come Tuesday, when Pineda was sent for a second opinion, which according to's Bryan Hoch, was requested by Pineda's agent.

Pineda did have a dye contrast MRI today at the direction of Yankees team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad, and the team is not ready to reveal those results. Presumably, Ahmad and Altchek will confer before an official announcement is made.

Yankee manager Joe Giaradi said the latest news was "disappointing" and he will move on like Pineda will not be available in the near future.

For now, New York is relying on Hirkoki Kuroda, who starts Tuesday night, to fill the void, and will need a struggling Freddie Garcia to turn things around quickly, as Andy Pettitte slowly gets ready for his return in the minor leagues.

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