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Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Lin Could Be Back Sooner Than Expected

Just when it appeared Jeremy Lin was lost to the New York Knicks for the rest of the regular season and perhaps beyond with a torn meniscus in his knee there appears to be hope. Does 'Linsanity' include magical fast-healing ability?

The timetable originally given was six weeks after surgery, putting the new star out until around the middle of May and presumably the second round of the NBA playoffs.

However, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Lin might be able to return within two weeks if everything goes perfectly.

Berman spoke with Dr. Wellington Hsu, an orthopedic surgeon who feels Lin could be back before the regular season ends.

"If they don’t see anything else wrong in surgery, just see the tear, typically you can get back in the NFL in two to four weeks and I’ve seen NBA players get back within that period,’’ Hsu told The Post. "That’s assuming there are no surprises.’’

This would obviously be a huge break for the Knicks who are already missing Amare Stoudemire for an extended period due to his back ailment.

New York leads the Milwaukee Bucks for the eighth and final seed in the Eastern Conference by just 2 1/2 games with 13 contests remaining.

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