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Morning Coffee! The Re-Launch

Morning Coffee has been MIA from SB Nation New York in recent weeks. Today, MC returns with a vengeance! A new attitude and a whole slew of new bits 'n pieces. We hope 'Coffee' turns into a great way to start your sports day.


The New York Knicks keep winning, but we know they won't be 'Linning' any time soon. Jeremy Lin is sidelined for six weeks due to a meniscus tear that requires surgery. That means Lin would not be available to the Knicks until some time during the playoffs, if the Knicks get there. The Knicks begin a brutal stretch of games on Tuesday.

SB Nation's Posting and Toasting had a simple reaction to the Lin injury. "This sucks a lot." Yes. Yes it does.

@TheSportzBroz: Melodrama in NYC: Jeremy Lin to Miss Rest of Season, Godspeed to Mike Woodson, Amar'e Stoudemire

Jeremy Lin Will Be Free Agent In July, With Knicks Hoping To Retain -

New York Knicks -- Jeremy Lin's injury marks the end of any playoff hopes for New York. - ESPN New York

Speaking of smoke and mirrors, the woeful New Jersey have won three straight games. Why now, fellas?


Of course it would come to this:

Tebow, by the way, says he's "not sure" he will ever start at quarterback for the New York Jets. All we're not sure of is how long Tebow becoming the starter will take.


Yeah, when you talk about The Masters the talk is supposed to be all about that Tiger Woods fella. But, here at SB Nation New York we have St. John's graduate Keegan Bradley to root for. Bradley won the PGA Championship last season and has to be considered a factor in this week's Masters. We would be all in for a Bradley-Woods pairing on the final day. Pretty please!


Major League Baseball opens its 2012 season this week. Sort of. Did you even realize the season already started?

Is Bud Selig Ruining Opening Day? (via sbnation)


Kentucky and Kansas meet in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament title game Monday night. The world survived the Kentucky-Louisville clash on Saturday, though Louisville didn't. The game is anti-climactic for me. Kansas beating Ohio State means my teen-age son wins the family NCAA pool.


This is a joke, right? Stephon Marbury wants to coach the Chinese National Team. Stephon Marbury? Are you kidding me? Well, the press conferences would be interesting.

Stephon 'Starbury' Marbury on Mike'd Up (via njfatts)


New Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr signed a five-year, $51-million contract with the Cowboys and has decided to immediately call out New York Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz.

"I want to use all my body," Carr said on ESPN's NFL LIve on Friday. "I'm six-foot, 200 pounds. I know he's got to run through me to get wherever he's running, so I'm going to be patient at the line. All that salsa dancing, that's fine, but you've got to come through me.

"I don't plan on seeing no dancing."

Oh, Brandon. Is it your team or Cruz's team that is getting Super Bowl rings this offseason?

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