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Mark Sanchez Is A Better Quarterback Than Tim Tebow, Says Quinnipiac University Poll

What's the best way to found out who's a better quarterback for the New York Jets? No, don't ask head coaches, player or NFL experts, instead, poll Jets and football fans, because they know best. That's just what Quinnipiac University did, as it conducted a poll to find what fans or non-fans think of Tebow and Sanchez.

Overall -- and this isn't too shocking -- people love Tebow and the trade for him (we found this out a few weeks ago in this SB Nation New York poll), but think Sanchez should still be the guy.

But Mark Sanchez is still top choice for starting quarterback of the Jets, all adults say 43 - 16 percent, and football fans say 61 - 19 percent.

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"Is Tim Tebow the answer to the Jets' prayers? A lot of New Yorkers think so," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "This may not seem like the ideal place for a born-again Christian, but most New Yorkers have a favorable opinion of the new back-up quarterback."

"Mark Sanchez is still number one."

Quinnipiac surveyed more than 1,800 New York State residents in the poll using live interviews via phone.

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