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Syracuse Drug Investigation: Jim Boeheim Claims University Reported Issues Five Years Ago

After the Syracuse Orange's 58-55 victory over the Connecticut Huskies Thursday, Orange head coach Jim Boeheim answered questions regarding the Yahoo! Sports drug-investigation story in his post-game press conference at Madison Square Garden.

In short, Boeheim said that Syracuse University had reported its drug-test findings to the NCAA over five years ago. On Monday, the university, again, come under scrutiny after a Yahoo! Sports story reported that Syracuse had played former players who had tested positive for drugs and shouldn't be eligible to play or practice.

Originally, Boeheim said he knew nothing about the findings, however, it seems his tone has changed a bit.

Earlier in the week, Syracuse Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Gross released a statement which said no current players were under investigation and a year ago the university reported its drug-testing findings.

"We self-reported issues with drug testing to the NCAA, and there is currently an ongoing inquiry," said Kevin Quinn, SU’s senior vice president for public affairs. "The inquiry does not involve any current SU student-athletes. To ensure the integrity of the ongoing process, we are unable to comment further."

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