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Peyton Manning: New York Jets Should Go All In

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts will officially part ways Wednesday, putting the future Hall of Fame quarterback on the open market. ESPN New York reported that the New York Jets "intend to explore the Manning situation."

Is making a push for Manning the right move for the Jets? Of course it is.

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The Daily News reported earlier this week that the organization had "mixed feelings" about a strong pursuit of Manning, for fear of what could happen with incumbent Mark Sanchez if the Jets try and fail to woo Manning. There are also apparently worries that the conservative system offensive coordinator Tony Sparano wants to run won't suit Manning's style.

My thoughts? Bluntly, who cares what Sanchez thinks? If he was a better player, this conversation would not be taking place. As for the system, I think the Jets are smart enough not to put the shackles on one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play.

The Jets and head coach Rex Ryan talk -- a lot -- about wanting to win a Super Bowl and be the 'Big Brother' in New York. Does anyone think Sanchez gives the Jets a better chance to do that than Manning, a four-time MVP and five-time All-Pro? If you do, you are delusional.

The job of the Jets organization is to field the best team possible. If trying to do that hurts Sanchez's feelings that really shouldn't be their concern. To borrow a phrase from their 'Big Brother,' the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, the Jets should go 'All In' and pursue Manning full throttle. Worry about the consequences of a failed pursuit later. If they truly want the greatness they talk about, take the risk and try to make New York a two-Manning town.

I advocated the Jets pursuing Manning months ago, and now that the pursuit is a realistic option nothing has changed my mind.

The Jets have to answer a simple question. Do they want to be great or not? If the answer is yes, and Manning can prove he is healthy, then what the Jets have to do is obvious.

Go 'All In' to put him in green.