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UConn Will Receive 2013 Big East Tournament Ban If NCAA Tournament Ban Is Upheld

UConn will face a 2013 NCAA Tournament ban unless an appeal is successful.

The Big East Tournament is already losing some of its luster with the impending departures of Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia from the conference. And the 2013 Big East Tournament could be even less studded with big-time programs than expected.

ESPN reports that the Big East presidents ruled earlier this month that any team that loses NCAA tournament eligibility will likewise be barred from the Big East Tournament. The new ruling could impact the Connecticut Huskies, who are currently banned from the 2013 NCAA tournament due to an inability to meet the NCAA's academic standards.

The Huskies have appealed the NCAA's ruling, asking for reconsideration due to recent academic improvements, and could hear the results of the appeal as early as this week, according to ESPN.

The Big East presidents voted on the issue during a March 7 meeting in New York, and the new rule should be adopted into the language by May.

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