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Amare Stoudemire Injury Update: Knicks Forward Could Still Need Offseason Surgery After Treatment

New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire may need offseason surgery even if the epidural steroid injection he needs can get him back on the court in time for the playoffs, should the Knicks qualify (via NY Post).

The New York Post cited doctor Wellington Hsu on Stoudemire's back issue, a bulging disc. Hsu said

"Even temporary relief from such an injection is enough for the player to return to the court,'' Hsu said.

Hsu also said the epidural could allow Stoudemire to return to the court in as little as 10 days, although it would be risky. Hsu said the reason that Stoudemire may still need surgery is that the injection only deals with nerve root inflammation and not the bulging disc.

One bit of news that could be concerning or not for Knicks fans depending on their outlook of medical studies: in Hsu's studies of NBA players with bulging disc injuries, 86 percent have successfully returned to game action.

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