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NFL Rule Changes: Summary Of Rule Changes Made At NFL Owners' Meetings

Team owners voted on proposed NFL rule changes on Wednesday at the NFL Owners Meetings, and the biggest approved rule changes include the overtime format and replay rules on turnovers.

A summary of the owners' vote follows:

  • The regular season overtime format will now match the playoff format, with each team receiving a possession to score in overtime unless the first team to receive possession scores a touchdown on the opening drive.
  • Each turnover will now be reviewed automatically, shadowing the scoring review policy.
  • NFL owners did not vote to pass proposals that would have changed the injured reserve designation and push back the trade deadline, but Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that the two issues will be revisited at a later date and both are expected to be passed.
  • A proposal that would have caused all replay reviews to be overseen by the booth rather than the on-field refs was not passed.
  • A team will now lose a down for illegally kicking a loose ball.
  • Too many men on the field is now a dead ball foul.
  • Players who commit crack blocks will now be penalized with a 15-yard penalty.