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Tebowmania Is Here! Vote In The Poll ... Then Buy A Jersey!

Tim Tebow has only been a member of the New York Jets for a few minutes, and already the Jets are trying to capitalize on Tebowmania by hawking Tebow jerseys at the NFL's online store. After a full day of haggling the Jets finally got Tebow from the Denver Broncos late Wednesday evening.

Call it what you want -- Tebowmania, Timsanity, whatever. Tebow is a member of the Jets now, and it will be up to coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano to figure out how to utilize him while also keeping incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez happy.

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What do you think of the trade, from the Jets perspective. Did the Jets do something stupid here? Is getting Tebow a stroke of brilliance for general manager Mike Tannenbaum, even if finishing the deal was messy?

In our initial poll, Jets fans thought acquiring Tebow would be a good idea. Now that he is really a Jet do you still feel that way? Go to the jump and voice your opinion by voting in our poll.