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Timsanity! Should Jets Hitch A Ride On Tebowmania?

Timsanity! Tebowmania! Whatever you want to call the circus that surrounds him, are the New York Jets about to hitch their wagon to Tim Tebow? It's a question that only leads to more questions.

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Why would the Jets trade for Tebow? Should the Jets trade for Tebow? What would the price be? What role would Tebow fill with the Jets? Would he compete with Mark Sanchez? Would the Jets try to dump Sanchez? If Sanchez stays as the starting quarterback, how would he take having Tebow looking over his shoulder?

Questions, questions, questions.

In our recent poll the Jets fans who voted were overwhelmingly in favor of acquiring Tebow. Most of what you find written about the possibility of Tebow to the Jets, though, is against the idea.

Joe Caporoso of Turn On The Jets wrote:

Don’t do it, Mike Tannenbaum…don’t do it. Tim Tebow is a name and a big one at that, not a need. You know what is foolish? Extending your franchise quarterback’s contract, signing another quarterback and then trading for yet another one before you find yourself a right tackle. The Jets need Vernon Carey right now more than they need Tim Tebow. They need Damien Woody to come out of retirement right now more than they need Tim Tebow.

SB Nation Kansas City says the Jets would be the worst landing spot for the soon-to-be former Denver Broncos quarterback. Josh Alper of NBC New York argues that acquiring Tebow "will only amp up the chaos from last season by providing another place of conflict."

If the plan is simply to use Tebow as a replacement for what the Jets lost a year ago when Wildcat quarterback Brad Smith went to the Buffalo Bills, then the price, the distractions and the questions hardly seem worth it. If the plan is to have Tebow compete with Mark Sanchez or replace him outright you have to wonder what the Jets see.

No matter what, this is a very curious -- and quite possibly dangerous -- flirtation for the Jets.