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Tim Tebow To The New York Jets? Vote In Our Poll

Peyton Manning is heading to the Denver Broncos, where he will both take over as quarterback and crush Tebow Mania as reports indicate the Broncos will look to trade Tim Tebow.

Should the New York Jets be interested in Tebow? Don't laugh. Or, at least, don't laugh until you think about it for a minute.

Sure, the Jets say they are committed to Mark Sanchez as their long-term quarterback. And sure they recently signed Drew Stanton to be the backup. But, should either one of those things stop them from at least finding out what Denver wants in exchange for Tebow?


We know coach Rex Ryan loves the "ground and pound" philosophy. What better ground-and-pound quarterback in the NFL than the passing-impaired Tebow? The guy is really a fullback playing quarterback, having run for 660 yards last season while completing only 46.5 percent of his passes.

We also know the Jets have employed their share of "Wildcat," and that former Miami coach Tony Sparano -- largely responsible for the Wildcat craze in the NFL -- is now the Jets' offensive coordinator.

There are whispers around Twitter that the New England Patriots -- even with Tom Brady -- might be interested in Tebow for some role within their offense. If the Tom Brady-led Patriots could be interested in such a move, why can't the Jets?

Your thoughts, Jets fans?