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Former Knicks Guard Stephon Marbury Denies Hitting Fan In Chinese Basketball Game

Stephon Marbury, a former guard for the New York Knicks and New York native, denies that he struck a fan during a Chinese Basketball Association playoff game (via ESPN New York).

Marbury's Beijing Ducks team lost their road playoff game, 102-100, to the Shanxi Brave Dragons (Marbury's first Chinese team) on Sunday. After the game, the Ducks' team van was surrounded by fans of the Brave Dragons. During the game, a perceived bad call caused fans of the Brave Dragons to throw water bottles on the court which halted the game for ten minutes. Marbury did say that he and the fans were separated by security guards but is adamant that he did not hit any fans.

"I didn't do that," Marbury said. "How could I do that over the security guards?"

Marbury scored 25 points in the loss. He averaged 19.3 points per game during his 13-year NBA career that spanned Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix, New York and Boston.