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Big East Tournament 2012 Bracket Reactions: St. John's Fans Break Down The Final

The 2012 Big East champion has officially been crowned. On Saturday, the Louisville Cardinals defeated the Cincinnati Bearcats to take home the conference title and accompanying 2012 NCAA Tournament bid.

It wasn't the most thrilling of games and local fans are likely disappointed that New York teams were left out of the Big East final altogether, but there were still plenty of area fans tuning in to see who would take home the top prize. Picodulce at St. John's blog Rumble in the Garden had an interesting take on the implications of this Big East final and what it might mean for some NCAA Tournament favorites.

The Bearcats started showing the cracks in the Syracuse Orange armor - a defensive player of the year who is a big man but can't rebound, a team that jacks up a lot of jump shots, and a team that, apparently, can be sloppy with the ball - perhaps even "arrogant" with their talent.

The Bearcats are aggressive, they can defend, and Yancy Gates and crew are playing really good fundamental ball. Like St. John's, they're on a slow rise from the morass of scandal. Personally, I think we should be behind Mick Cronin's crew. Also, his daughter - his "good luck charm" - is really adorable.

Louisville has some New York talent, a kind of exciting style, and the ability to be really good on a good day. And the ability to be really bad on a bad day.

With Syracuse and Louisville now both headed to the dance, it will be interesting to see how each team fares following the Big East tourney.

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