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A.J. Burnett Rumors: The Pittsburgh Pirates Want Burnett? Really?

The old saying goes that there is a sucker born every minute. When it comes to A.J. Burnett and the New York Yankees could the Pittsburgh Pirates be the sucker Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has spent the entire offseason looking for?

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that the Pirates "are one team that actually might want to trade" for Burnett. Rosenthal said the Pirates have been exploring the free-agent market for a veteran starting pitcher, but have been unsuccessful.

Burnett, 35, is a 13-year pro who definitely qualifies as a veteran starting pitcher. Only, the reality is he hasn't been a very good one for the Yankees the past two seasons and New York would love to find a taker for the under-productive right-hander and at least some of the two years and $33 million left on his contract.

The Yankees have CC Sabathia, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes as starters in addition to Burnett, making one too many. After watching Burnett pitch to ERAs of 5.26 and 5.15 the past two seasons the Yankees would love to find him a new home.

Perhaps the Pirates will answer their prayers.