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Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg Not Interested In Owning New York Mets

Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't yet finished with his work in New York's City Hall, but that hasn't stopped speculation that the billionaire could decide to purchase the New York Mets after his career in politics.

When probed Wednesday about his interest in potentially buying the team, Bloomberg offered that although he enjoys attending Mets game at Citi Field, he's not interested in purchasing the fiscally failing franchise.

Bloomberg alluded to his relationship with the Wilpon family (which currently holds a majority stake of the Mets), but taking over their business doesn't seem to appeal much to the 69-year-old, who said, "Why anybody wants to own a sports team, I can't figure out."

The Mets payroll for 2012 is expected to drop $52 million, and the franchise was forced to part ways with pricey free agent SS Jose Reyes, who signed a lucrative six-year contract with division rival Miami. The Mets fell victim to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, and the team is currently attempting to sell minority shares of the franchise for $20 million each.

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