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Eli Manning: 'It's Not About A Legacy ... It's About Winning A Championship'

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Since being named MVP in the New York Giants 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl quarterback Eli Manning has been making a whirlwind media tour. He has been to Disney World, on the David Letterman Show, made time for the championship parade and more. One of Manning's stops was with ESPN Radio New York's Michael Kay, the same Kay who famously asked Manning the "elite" question before the season began.

Sports Radio Interviews has the full Manning-Kay transcript. Here are some excerpts:

Kay: After your second Super Bowl victory have you thought about your personal legacy at all?

Manning: “No I really haven’t. [Michael Kay: Really!] That’s not why you play the game. When you get into playing football, playing sports as a little kid, it’s not about a legacy or winning an award. It’s abut coming together as a team. It’s about doing something great together. It’s about winning a championship. That’s what it’s all about. I’m excited to have this feeling again. I promise you it never quenches the thirst. I learned that after the first one. It’s not like hey I am satisfied that I won one. I can relax. It just makes you thirstier because this feeling – that feeling after the game and that last night – just the celebrations with the teammates with the family and friends…that’s addictive. You want to have that. I think if you are playing a for a legacy you are playing for the wrong reason. I had my mind set going into this game not thinking about any of those things, not thinking about this parade, not thinking about what I would celebrate. All I thought about was going out there and playing my best football."

Kay: Does this second Super Bowl win put yourself and Tom Coughlin into the Hall of Fame?

Manning: “I don’t know. I hope…obviously I have the greatest respect for Tom Coughlin. My 8 years have all been with him. I think he has been a great teacher, role model, coach for me to have and just the way his strict…not rules, but his strict attitude towards preparation, effort, discipline. Those things have given me opportunities to become a better player, a better person and I think I give him a lot of credit for making me into a better player. Hopefully people will realize he is a great coach. He’s had a great career here with the Giants. He had great success in Jacksonville starting up a new franchise, going to the AFC Championship a couple of times. He’s had success a lot of places he has been and I think Tom Coughlin – people will talk about him. I think he’s loosened up his outlook on his approach on football. He has been here long enough and we’ve had enough guys who have been here with him this time that we have bought into it completely. I bought into it. I expressed that to my teammates. He doesn’t have to worry about that. We have great leaders on this team that are going to take care of the preparation part and that’s enabled him to loosen up because he has faith in us.”