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Eli Manning Appears On David Letterman Show

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, MVP of the team's 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, appeared on the David Letterman Show Monday night. Manning received a standing ovation, then explained the odd way in which Ahmad Bradshaw scored the game-winning touchdown, and came up with a handful of funny lines.

On winning the Super Bowl MVP: "It's fun. It's two cars."

On Bradshaw's touchdown: "He thought about going down, just couldn't stop. It worked out."

On wide receivers going in motion on his signal: "They're trained, it's like a dog ... in a nice way. A dog is a man's best friend."

On mistakes in execution by teammates: "A lot of times I don't say a whole lot. I just look at 'em like, 'what are you doing?' "

On New England quarterback Tom Brady: "I don't know if he likes me."

Check out a clip of the show after the jump.