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Super Bowl Squares: What Are The Best Numbers?

Just like the NCAA men's basketball tournament bring out the gambler in all of us -- we know you fill out a 68-team bracket!! -- the Super Bowl does the same thing, as many American fill their name in a Super Bowl square pool.

Now, a lot of the time football fans just place their name down and hope to draw numbers either 0, 7 or 3. But, do you really know which numbers are the best to get in a Super Bowl pool? Well, over at they've listed the quarter-by-quarter scores from every Super Bowl from 1 to 46. Here's the date that they found:

The number 0 appeared 99 times - 27.50%

The number 7 appeared 75 times - 20.83%

The number 3 appeared 56 times - 15.56%

The number 4 appeared 38 times - 10.56%

The number 6 appeared 30 times - 8.33%

The number 1 appeared 20 times - 5.56%

The number 9 appeared 15 times - 4.17%

The number 2 appeared 9 times - 2.50%

The number 8 appeared 9 times - 2.50%

The number 5 appeared 9 times - 2.50%

If you'd like to start your own Super Bowl Square Pool here's a link to a printable Super Bowl Pool Templates.

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