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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Coca-Cola Polar Bears Watching Game Live

It's Super Bowl Sunday and Coca-Cola is back with another polar bear commercial, of course. The trick this year, however, is that the commercial may change based on how the game is going.

For now, the commercial features two polar bears, one rooting for the New York Giants and one rooting for the New England Patriots (though it's hard to tell which is which since they're both wearing colors that work for each team). One of the bears is forlorn over the outcome of the game but gets super-psyched when some of his buddies, who aren't watching the Super Bowl for some reason (Canadian bears?), offer him a Coke.

From there, things get slippery...

Depending on how the game is going for both teams, the spot will be altered to feature a fan of the team that's losing. Regardless, everyone still gets a Coke in the end and, therefore, we are all winners. At least in polar bear world.