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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Downy Remakes Mean Joe Greene Classic

The New England Patriots and New York Giants are the main event of Super Bowl Sunday, but you know there's a lot of people watching for the commercials as well.

Everyone remembers the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial from 1980, or has at least seen it at some point in their life. A young boy meets Mean Joe Greene in the locker room, offers him a Coke, Greene throws him his stinky jersey, everyone is happy.

This year, Downy brought in Amy Sedaris to remake the commercial and meet a slightly-older Pittsburgh Steelers LB Mean Joe Greene on his way to the locker room.

The ad's a winner because it covers every base. It's got the nostalgia factor, reenacting one of the most famous football commercials of all time. Sedaris pulls in "the kids" or whatever demographic is said to be fans of Sedaris. And there's a body function joke, the core of any good Super Bowl commercial. If they could have somehow worked in a fart or a guy getting kicked in the groin, it might have been an all-time great.