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Christina Aguilera Super Bowl Mistake: Can Kelly Clarkson Do Better Than 2011's Mess Up?

There will not be a pre-Super Bowl conversation, especially when Kelly Clarkson steps up to the microphone to sing The Star-Spangled Banner, without somebody mentioning Christina Aguilera's mistake for last year's Super Bowl. If you need a quick reminder about the mess up, well here's the video:

Christina Aguilera - National Anthem - Superbowl 2011 HD - (via AGUiLERiUM)

Now, if you remember not many viewers of the Super Bowl caught the flub at first -- sadly, most people don't pay attention to the national anthem -- however, besides the commercials, people were YouTubing Ms. Aguilera the next morning to witness her mistake.

In April, Aguilera talked about the mistake on the day-time TV show Ellen:

Christina Aguilera Explains Her National Anthem Flub (via TheEllenShow)

In short, Aguilera blames her mess up on the Super Bowl and the awwwwing moment it creates.

Well, I have news for Christina, if New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning or New England Patriots' Tom Brady used that excuse, they wouldn't be back for the following season.

Lets just up that Ms. Clarkson has better success.

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