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Super Bowl National Anthem: Whitney Houston Performs Before Giants, Bills In 1991

As mention before in this Super Bowl national anthem StoryStream, the performance that most Americans remember is that of Whitney Houston, who performed before the 1991 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, FL -- the Giants edge the Bills, 20-19, thanks to Scott Norwood's wide-right field goal near the end of the game.

The performance of Francis Scott Key's most famous song, The Star-Spangled Banner, came shortly after President George H. Bush announced that American troops would be sent to the Persian Gulf to fight, so things were a bit patriotic. The rendition of Houston's is simple, yet, strong and went on to be the only Super Bowl national anthem to be recorded and then crack the Top 20 billboard list.

Here's the YouTube video of the performance if you'd like to share it to other Super Bowl party-goers:

Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem in 1991 (HD) (via petethegolfer)

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