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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Teleflora Ad Features Adriana Lima

Teleflora's new Super Bowl Sunday ad is bound to draw a mixed reaction. It features a very sexy and provocative Adriana Lima, and the men the ad is aimed at will love it. There will be women, though, who are offended by Lima's line -- "Guys, Valentine's Day is simple. Give, and you shall receive." An obvious sex-for-flowers reference.

The ad is pretty simple, pretty direct and the message is unmistakable. Sex sells, and Teleflora isn't hiding the fact that that is what is being referenced. Me? This is Adriana Lima, and I could watch this ad all day.

Here is what had to say about the ad:

"We think it's safe to say that where they dropped the ball with last year's ad, Teleflora will get everyone's attention this time around. It's not creative, but it's sexy and effective."

Teleflora - Super Bowl Ad - Adriana Lima (via TelefloraFlowers)