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Linsanity! Your Daily Dose Of Jeremy Lin: Video, Saturday Night Live, Musical Tributes, Jersey Sales

Linsanity shows no signs of going away any time soon. Led by the amazing Jeremy Lin, the Knicks keep 'Linning and Winning,' as Walt 'Clyde Frazier would say. Lin's jersey sales continue to go through the roof. China is ablazde with Lin-mania. And now, the entertainment industry is getting in on the act. Yes, the entire world has apparently gone Linsane!

Saturday Night Live opened this weekend with its own unique -- and hilarious -- brand of Linsanity. So many Lin puns, so little time. You can find various pieces of the SNL skit on YouTube, but go to Deadspin for the entire skit, and the best quality video.

Via Deadspin and SB Nation Bay Area comes word of an awesome musical tribute to Lin based on the Teen Wolf song 'Win In The End.' Mark Safan, who sang 'Win In The End,' now offers us 'Lin In The End.'

"Lin in the End" Featuring Mark Safan (via LTownprods)

Then there are jersey sales and the Lin madness that has overtaken China. While Lin's jerseys have become the No. 1 seller in the NBA's online store, they have not been available directly in China. That should be rectified "in the next couple of days," according to Adidas, maker of the NBA uniforms.

China has also gone Linsane, in its own way. Per Deadspin (again), China is trying to claim the U.S. born Chinese American Harvard graduate as its own, and has gone so far as to suggest that Lin give up his American citizenship to to play for China in the 2012 Olympics.

Yikes! This is Linsanity taken to a whole new level.