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Super Bowl Prop Bets: National Anthem Singer Kelly Clarkson, Madonna Halftime Show, Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay, Andrew Luck

As you've probably seen, SB Nation New York is covering every angle of the 2012 Super Bowl. And with just a few days before the big game, we've decided to reach out to those degenerate gamblers that love to bet on every aspect of the Super Bowl, the biggest sports betting event of the year.

Below is a list of prop bets, provided by Bovada, for national anthem, which will be sang by Kelly Clarkson, the halftime show, which will be performed by Madonna, and the television broadcast (6:30 p.m. on NBC).

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Jim Irsay, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck Prop Bets

Prop bet No. 1: How many times will Peyton Manning (Colts quarterback) be mentioned on TV?

Over 3-1/2 (-130)
Under 3-1/2 (-110)

Jared's pick: Considering he's surrounded all the talk this week -- besides Rob Gronowski's ankle -- and his littler brother, Eli Manning, is playing in it. I'd take the over and by a lot.

Prop bet No. 2: How many times will Jim Irsay (Colts owner) be mentioned on TV?

Over 1 (Even)
Under 1 (-140)

Jared's pick: Again, Peyton Manning shot deserves a Jim Irsay shot, so that's one right there. Once they talk about the new stadium, which he helped build then there's No. 2. I'd take the over.

Prop bet No. 3: How many times will Andrew Luck be mentioned on TV?

Over 1 (-110)
Under 1 (-130)

Jared's pick: This is going to be a push, as there's going to be so many other things to talk about during the Super Bowl. I'd stay away from this, but its coming up at least once, so if you're going to bet go with the over.

For the next set of prop bets I brought in an expert -- my wife. She knows a lot more about these types of things than I do, but she hates gambling so take that for what its worth.

National Anthem Super Bowl 2012

Prop bet No. 1: Length of Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem.

Over 1 minutes 34 seconds (-120)
Under 1 minute 34 seconds (-120)

Wife's pick: The National Anthem is a 90-second song that always seem to go longer than that during big events like this. Clarkson is a classy woman, but she will go over.

Prop bet No. 2: Kelly Clarkson's wardrobe.

Super Bowl 46 or official NFL shirt (+225)
Colts Jersey or shirt (+700)
Giants Jersey or shirt (+1500)
Patriots Jersey or shirt (+1500)
Anything else (-300)

Wife's pick: Mrs. Clarkson is from Texas, and she's really Texas, so I don't see her wearing any of those teams. I am going with anything else, as she'll probably wear a Cowboys or Texans jersey.

Prop bet No. 3: Will Kelly Clarkson forget or omit at least one word?

Yes (+250)

Wife's pick: Consider that most of the national anthems nowadays or prerecorded as the singer just mouths the words she won't miss a single one. Don't bet, yes.

Prop bet No. 4: Will Kelly Clarkson's bare belly be showing when she sings?

Yes (+300)

Wife's pick: Again, she's Texas and a classy woman. Plus, she's past her bare-belly days -- that's no a slam on her amazing good looks!! I wouldn't bet yes.

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012

Prop bet No. 1: Will Madonna wear fishnet stockings at any point during Super Bowl 2012 halftime show?

Yes (-120)
No (-120)

Wife's pick: Madonna always wears fishnet stocks, so I'd go with Yes.

Prop bet No. 2: Will Madonna wear an NFL Jersey or shirt at any point during Super Bowl 2012 halftime show?

Yes (+250)
No (-400)

Wife's pick: At some point, Madonna is going to pay tribute to the NFL so I'd go with Yes, again.

Prop bet No. 3: Will Madonna wear a hat at any point during the Super Bowl 2012 halftime show?

Yes (-120)
No (-120)

Wife's pick: Madonna will be inside, so why would she need a hat? I'd say no.

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