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Super Bowl Prop Bets: New York Giants Odds 2012

As you've probably seen, SB Nation New York is covering every angle of the Super Bowl 2012. And with just a few days before the big game, we've decided to reach out to those degenerate gamblers that love to bet on every aspect of the Super Bowl, the biggest sports betting event of the year.

Below is a list of Super Bowl prop bets, provided by Bovada, for the New York Giants, who will be playing the New England Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl (6:30 p.m. on NBC).

All Your Super Bowl 2012 Betting Needs In One Place

Giants' Super Bowl 2012 MVP award winner?

Eli Manning (7-5)
Victor Cruz (8-1)
Hakeem Nicks (12-1)
Ahmad Bradshaw (20-1)
Jason Pierre-Paul (25-1)
Mario Manningham (35-1)
Brandon Jacobs (40-1)

Jared's pick: I really believe that Eli Manning is the easy bet here. If the Giants win the Super Bowl its going to be because Manning has a solid performance and not because somebody else stole the show. However, I'd like to think that voters would also like to give Eli a boost over Peyton just so they can talk able who's better the next decade.

How many passing yards will Giants' quarterback Eli Manning throw for?

Over 315-1/2 (-135)
Under 315-1/2 (+105)

Jared's pick: Great number for this one, as in the past five games Manning has gone over that number three times and under it twice. I am guessing, that if the Giants are successful they're mixing the run and pass well and if they lose Manning his passing numbers will not be that great. So, I'd go with the under.

Total rushing yards for Eli Manning?

Over 3-1/2 (-130)
Under 3-1/2 (Even)

Jared's pick: I am taking the under for two reasons: 1) over the course of this season Manning is averaging just 0.5-rushing yards per game; and 2) he's not that fast, so if he's running away from pressure he's not getting very far.

Exact number of Eli Manning passing touchdowns?

None (+550)
1 (+250)
2 (+250)
3 (+275)
4 or more (+400)

Jared's pick: I like to think if the Giants are going to score at least three touchdowns, and two of them are coming through the air. But, since the money-line is better with three scores, then I am going with three.

How many rushing yards will Giants' running back Ahmad Bradshaw get?

Over 62-1/2 (-115)
Under 62-1/2 (-115)

Jared's pick: Again, if the Giants are going to win, then they've established a balanced attack that features Bradshaw, however, I think Brandon Jacobs will steal some of the carries too. So, unless Bradshaw, who hasn't surpassed 63 yards all season, busts a big one you should thinking taking the under is a smart bet.

Will Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks catch a touchdown?

Yes (-115)
No (-115)

Jared's pick: Nick has scored a touchdown in less than half of all the Giants' games this season, so the odds are less than 50/50 he will do it in the Super Bowl. However, Nicks did catch two touchdowns in two of New York's three postseason games, meaning I am saying, yes!.

How many receiving yard will Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz have?

Over 89-1/2 (-130)
Under 89-1/2 (Even)

Jared's pick: In 12 of the Giants' 19 games this season, Cruz has surpassed that mark. In the postseason, however, Cruz has surpassed that mark just once. What does that tell me? He's due! Take the over.

Total catches for Victor Cruz?

Over 6 (-125)
Under 6 (-105)

Jared's pick: In five of the Giants' 19 games this year, Cruz has caught more than six balls. Cruz has totaled six catches six times, so with those numbers along with a push allowing you to get your money back, I'd take the over.

Total sacks for Giants' defense end Osi Umenyiora.

Over 1/2
Under 1/2

Jared's pick: In 12 games that Umenyiora has played this season, he has collected at least one sack. I know that Tom Brady can get rid of the ball quick, but one has to think Osi is getting to Mr. Brady once.

Will Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin retire if his team wins Super Bowl 2012?

Yes (+900)

Jared's pick: Unless, Coughlin is taken out by a out-of-bounds tackle and hospitalized -- oh, that's a terrible thought -- then there's no way he's retiring. The guy loves his job too much.

How many times will David Tyree's 2008 Super Bowl catch be shown during Super Bowl 2012?

Over 1 1/2 (Even)
Under 1 1/2 (-140)

Jared's pick: It's happening at least once, so you need to ask yourself: "If the game is even somewhat close in the fourth quarter will NBC Producer show the clip again?" Of course. Take the over!

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