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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Volkswagen With Another Winner

Volkwagen's 2012 Super Bowl commercial for the new Beetle gets your attention with a seemingly lonely dog waiting for the right car to chase. It ends by paying homage to last year's terrific Volkswagen ad featuring the miniature Darth Vadar. You know, somehow the best car commercials actually wind up having nothing to do with the cars themselves.

The clip below has a few extra seconds added to the end of it that you won't see on Super Bowl Sunday.

We will be previewing several of the Super Bowl Sunday ads here at SB Nation New York the rest of the week. We know some of you watch for the commercials, and maybe the halftime show, rather than the game itself.

(via Volkswagen)

Of course, since we mentioned the 2011 Darth Vadar commercial it would not be fair if we didn't give you a clip of that one, just for old times sake.

(via Volkswagen)