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Kate Upton, Mark Sanchez More Than Friends? Well ... Maybe

Are New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Kate Upton more than friends, which is what they have insisted is what they are for months now?

Well, maybe. Then again, maybe not. "It's [the Sanchez-Upton relationship] whatever you think," Upton told the gossip site TMZ.

Whatever we think, eh? Well, we can think a lot of things. We can think Sanchez is a bum as a quarterback. We can think Upton is a beautiful woman we could look at all day long. We can think Sanchez is a pretty lucky guy, at least off the field. I guess we can just let our imaginations run wild.

If you haven't seen Upton's SI cover, here is a look at it.


Kate Upton/Swimsuit 2012 cover (Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.)

Upton, incidentally, was on the David Letterman Show on Tuesday night. Letterman, of course, had plenty of Upton photos to share with the audience and the viewers.