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NHL Trade Deadline 2012: Lou Lamoriello Won't Rule Out Deal To Improve Devils

With the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline approaching on Feb. 27, New Jersey Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello wouldn't rule out making some moves. Just because the deadline is in two weeks, however, doesn't mean he has only just begun to peruse his possibilities.

"It's a constant," Lamoriello said. "It's not just at this time of year. It's just there's more focus at this time because there's a deadline there. Other than that, people are always trying to get better, evaluating where your young players are as far as how they can help with depth, whether we need a depth players or a certain role player. All of those things go into the mindset.

"Over the years, we've pulled them from all different directions depending upon what needs are and what's available. It's a combination of everything. We've tried to focus certainly getting more balance in our lines. That certainly has started. Are we there yet? No. Do we have it within our system and roster to get better? I think so. But we'll see."

Lamoriello reiterated his belief that the Devils, on their best nights, have what it takes to win now. They are currently in sixth place in the Eastern Conference at 30-20-4 on the season.

"You've seen the way we've played," Lamoriello said. "We've played well. When we play within the framework of what we're asked to do, we're as good as anybody."

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