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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: 'GoDaddy' Ad Is Disappointing

If you have watched the Super Bowl before -- and if you haven't what exactly is the issue, anyway? -- you know that the Super Bowl ads are must-see TV for red-blooded American men on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here is a look at this year's Go Daddy ad which, of course stars race car driver Danica Patrick.

QR Code Super Bowl 2012 Commercial (via MichaelDuz)

To be honest, that's a little disappointing. Pretty tame by GoDaddy standards, though you never know what you are in for when the full version gets released on the GoDaddy website Super Bowl Sunday.

That's not exactly as enjoyable as this one:

Banned Go Daddy 2007 (via ShawtyTM1)

Or even this one:

Candice Michelle go daddy (via Beesdecember)

We will have more on some of the Super Bowl ads you will see as we get closer to the game. YOu see previews of many of the ads at