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MLB Winter Meetings 2012 Review: Yankees, Mets both losers? That's half right

Grading the Yankees and Mets for their work at the Baseball Winter Meetings.

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman
USA Today Sports

The 2012 Baseball Winter Meetings, annually the busiest week of the offseason, are over. In the grand tradition of rushing to immediate judgment about the success or failure of anything the folks at The Sporting News have declared their thoughts on the annual swap meet's winners and losers.

And The Sporting News says ... both the Yankees and Mets came away losers.

I have to disagree.

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The Yankees? Big-time losers. They seem paralyzed, unable (really unwilling) to spend any money. General manager Brian Cashman at one point called his team "beggars" at the free-agent bargaining table.

The Yankees are watching their own players leave. They are watching players who could fill the holes they have go elsewhere. Cashman keeps talking about patience and how much talent the Yankees still have, but is he deluding himself? Probably.

The Yankees are worrying about budgets, not about winning. Or even about selling high-priced luxury box seats or getting people to watch YES Network. Maybe their plan will come clear at some point, but right now no one seems to know exactly how the Yankees plan to field a playoff-caliber team.

The Mets? I can't agree that the Mets were losers. It is true that the Mets neither signed nor traded Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey during the meetings. It doesn't, however, mean they won't accomplish either objective. At least now they know clearly what the market looks like.

In reality, the Mets won when they got David Wright to sign long-term before the meetings. When it comes to Dickey there really is no right or wrong answer as to what they should do, so in my mind neither decision can be called a loss.

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