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Kevin Youkilis to the Yankees? Why not?

Kevin Youkilis
Kevin Youkilis
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Youkilis a member of the New York Yankees? It could happen, as the Yankees have reportedly make the former Boston Red Sox first baseman/third baseman a one-year, $12 million offer.

Youkilis to the Yankees certainly does seem strange after so many years of him being one of the focal points -- and being Joba Chamberlain's personal pinata -- of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry for so long. The Yankees have a need, though, and Youkilis doesn't yet have a job.

If it does happen our friends over at SB Nation's Yankees website, Pinstriped Bible, would be all for it:

Gasp! How could they?! Youk's a jerk! He used to get in fights with Joba Chamberlain! He's not the player he once was!

Big deal. The Yankees are desperate for third basemen and potential impact bats with Alex Rodriguez out of their lineup until around June, Derek Jeter uncertain for Opening Day, and Curtis Granderson perhaps on his way out the door. For a one-year deal, I don't see the problem with giving Youk a try, especially with no clear alternatives from within at the moment.

All of those things are true. For years Yankees fans -- and Chamberlain -- have thought Youkilis was a jerk. Last season's combined .235/.336/.409 with 60 RBI in 122 games between Boston and the Chicago White Sox tells you the 33-year-old isn't what he was.

He would fill a need for the Yankees, and fit the one-year contract philosophy they have been employing as they try to get under the $189 million luxury tax threshold for the 2014 season.

Youkilis a Yankee? What a strange world.