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R.A. Dickey rumors, Wednesday: Mets reportedly remain undecided

Mets' GM Sandy Alderson
Mets' GM Sandy Alderson
Jason Szenes

The New York Mets and Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey apparently remain at a contract impasse. And the Mets, who are fielding lots of offers, reportedly remain undecided about whether to keep or trade him.

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Per the Daily News, the organization seems split:

Despite the impasse in negotiations that might or might not be permanent, some high-ranking Mets people remained optimistic about agreeing to an extension with Dickey.

"I think he stays," one team insider said.

Still, it was just as easy to find Mets people expressing confidence that the team could receive several top prospects in a Dickey deal — sources on Tuesday stressed the Rangers as a possibility, while downplaying the Brewers, Royals and Diamondbacks — and rival executives believed that he would ultimately be dealt.

What conclusions can be drawn from this contradictory information? Here was the bottom line, as of Tuesday night: The situation could still go either way. General manager Sandy Alderson was said by associates to be genuine in his publicly stated desire to retain Dickey, but unsure if that would ultimately be the best course for the Mets.

So, stay tuned Mets' fans

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