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Rex Ryan explains Sanchez decision

Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan

Has head coach Rex Ryan put his job on the line by keeping Mark Sanchez as starting quarterback of the New York Jets?

In the wake of Sunday's Greg McElroy-led victory over the Arizona Cardinals there were reports that owner Woody Johnson wanted Mcelroy to start. The fans apparently still want anyone other than Sanchez, even if that is Tim Tebow.

Ryan, though, is turning back to Sanchez -- who is statistically the worst starting quarterback in the league through 12 games.

"I made the decision to go with Mark," Ryan said Wednesday morning. "At the end of the day it's my decision. I'm definitely comfortable with the decision.

"I have to get this decision right, and I believe I have."

Ryan said that he believes that Sanchez still gives the Jets the best opportunity to win games this season.

"He has to play better, he has to protect the football better," Ryan said. "Mark has won a lot of games for us."