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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Giants No. 8, Jets at No. 23


SB Nation New York's Ryan Jones has had his say about where the New York Giants and New York Jets should be in Week 14 NFL Power Rankings. Now, here is a look at where some other sources believe New York's teams should be.

SB Nation has the Giants at No. 8 and the Jets at No. 23.

Of the Giants, SB Nation says:

The Giants had the NFC East wrapped up a few weeks ago. Now they are losers of three of their last four and the Redskins and Cowboys are nipping at their heels, one game behind. Looking at the Giants' schedule, this thing is most definitely NOT over. The Giants still play New Orleans, at Atlanta, at Baltimore and then Philadelphia.

And about the Jets, SB Nation says:

Is this the saddest QB controversy in the NFL this year?

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