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Jets vs. Bills 2012: New York 'wasted a year of all of our lives'

New York put its fans through another tough afternoon of miscues in its 10th loss of the season.

Rick Stewart

The curtain has finally come down on the New York Jets' sad 6-10 season, with the 28-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

New York can now move forward with a new general manager, who will be looking at the roster and evaluating it with a magnifying glass.

However, taking a quick look back at the affair in Buffalo, it was just like any other recent performance by the Jets. The defense played well at times but ultimately couldn't hold up with absolutely zero offensive help.

Over at Gang Green Nation, John B does his best to sum up the 2012 Jets season:

And with that, 2012 ends. The Jets have wasted a year of all of our lives. Their offseason didn't address the problems with the team. Jobs will now probably be lost as a result, and this team will probably need to begin a painful process rebuilding a firmer foundation. Hopefully the right people will be in place.

Mark Sanchez got another chance to start but again was just brutal, throwing a pick-six to start off the scoring for the Bills and not getting much better from there. Add in a fumble lost and another interception, and it wasn't exactly a banner day for Mr. Sanchez.