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2013 NFL Playoff picture: With Bears win, Giants eliminated from playoff race

Even with a victory Sunday, the New York Giants were officially eliminated from the 2012 NFC playoff picture when the Bears beat the Lions. New York needed a lot of help in Week 17 to make the postseason.

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Even with a 42-7 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday, it wasn't enough for the New York Giants to make this year's NFL playoffs. New York was officially eliminated when the Chicago Bears notched a 26-24 victory over the Detroit Lions to close out their regular season.

Entering Week 17 the Giants were a long-shot to make the playoffs, and and needed to not only beat Philadelphia, but also for Chicago, Dallas and Minnesota to all lose. Unfortunately for Giants' fans, the Bears victory over Detroit eliminated them from any hope of a postseason trip. Both Minnesota and Dallas play later Sunday.

For Giants' players and fans alike, Sunday's victory over the Eagles was a bittersweet ending to disappointing season for the defending Super Bowl champions.

New York started the season by losing on opening night to Dallas, and after a strong middle portion of the year, fell apart down the stretch. The Giants lost three of their previous four games entering Sunday's season finale.

The Giants finished the season with a 9-7 overall record.