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NFL injury report: Tim Tebow's injury opens way for Greg McElroy

The Jets' messy quarterback situation is even messier after Week 13, but McElroy's performance was a pleasant surprise.


For the past few weeks, Jets fans everywhere had been calling for Mark Sanchez to be benched. That would open the door for Tim Tebow, who has spent most of the year on the sidelines.

As the Jets took on the Cardinals in Week 13, coach Rex Ryan finally benched Sanchez after three quick interceptions. It should've been Tebow Time, but cracked ribs prevented him from suiting up on Sunday. Instead, second-year quarterback Greg McElroy took over and led the team to its fifth win of the season.

Now, the Jets' quarterback situation is even messier than it was a few days ago. The team is still technically alive in the hunt for a wild card bid, and the Jets have three quarterbacks on the roster who have shown they are capable of winning a game.

Does Ryan stick with McElroy after winning the game in the fourth quarter? Does he go back to Sanchez despite the struggles? And once Tebow gets healthy, does he consider the guy who rallied the Broncos to a playoff berth in 2011? It will be an interesting couple of practices this week in New York.