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NBA standings 2012: Knicks hold top seed in the Conference

The New York Knicks hold the No. 1 seed currently in the Eastern Conference. How much of an advantage do they have over their divisional opponents and the rest of the conference?

Al Bello

The New York Knicks, rebounding with a win against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, currently hold the best record in the NBA's Eastern Conference at 19-6. Currently the closest team to the Knicks for the top seed in the conference is the Miami Heat, who are 1.5 games back of the Knicks.

As for the Nets, they currently have a 13-12 record, tied with the Boston Celtics. Both teams are one game ahead of the Orlando Magic who are at No. 9 in the conference. The Nets and Celtics are both six games back of the Knicks.

As for the rest of the Atlantic Division, the Philadelphia 76ers, currently on a five-game losing streak, are 12-14, 7.5 games back of the Knicks. Bringing up the rear in the division is the Toronto Raptors at 8-19. Despite running off four straight wins, the Raptors are 12 games back of the Knicks.

Eastern Standings

New York Knicks 25 19-6 .760
Miami Heat 22 16-6 .727
Atlanta Hawks 23 15-8 .652
Chicago Bulls 24 14-10 .583
Milwaukee Bucks 24 13-11 .542
Indiana Pacers 26 14-12 .538
Brooklyn Nets 25 13-12 .520
Boston Celtics 25 13-12 .520
Orlando Magic 25 12-13 .480
Philadelphia 76ers 26 12-14 .462
Charlotte Bobcats 25 7-18 .280
Toronto Raptors 27 8-19 .296
Detroit Pistons 28 7-21 .250
Cleveland Cavaliers 27 5-22 .185
Washington Wizards 23 3-20 .130