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NBA scores: Nets split weekend set of games

A look back at the Brooklyn Nets' performance this weekend. The team managed to defeat the Detroit Pistons on Friday night but fell to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets managed to split their weekend set of games as they defeated the Detroit Pistons at home on Friday night and fell to the Chicago Bulls on the road on Saturday.

Brooklyn recorded a 107-105 victory over Detroit but the victory did not come easy as it required double-overtime to determine a winner. Joe Johnson recorded a game-high 28 points in 51:58 played. In addition, Gerald Wallace recorded 25 points and Deron Williams added 17 points.

The win was the Nets' second consecutive. However, the streak would not be extended to three games, as the Chicago Bulls defeated the team by a final score of 83-82 on Saturday.

Williams acted as the team's leading scorer, registering a game-high 24 points in 35:47 played. Brook Lopez contributed 18 points and 10 rebounds, while Johnson registered 16 points and Wallace added six points.

The team will return to action on Tuesday night when they host the Utah Jazz.