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Valentine's Views: Things we learned over the past week

A look at five things we learned about New York sports during the past week.

Kevin Youkilis
Kevin Youkilis
Jim McIsaac

There is always something going on in the city that never sleeps, a statement that is true for the sports scene as well as the social one. Here are five things we learned as the New York sports world turned during the past week.

- We learned that if you are looking for a job you should take to Twitter and call the people who run the organization you want to play for "idiots." Thank you Braylon Edwards and the New York Jets for the lesson. [More on Edwards]

- We learned that apparently New York Yankees' money is still legal currency in the U.S. Kevin Youkilis took $12 million in Steinbrenner cash, so at least we know somebody thinks Yankee money is still good. [More on the Yankees' offseason]

- We learned that New York Giants' running back David Wilson is really good at back flips. And we also learned that he has enough common sense to listen to his teammates and stop doing them before he suffers a foolish, unnecessary injury. [Complete giants-Falcons coverage]

- We learned that the Big East Conference is dead. Even if something calling itself the Big East moves forward it won't be the Big East we once knew. It's a shame that greed has destroyed the Big East, and the regional college football rivalries that always made college sports special. [More on the fracturing Big East]

- We learned that it looks like the New York Mets will be moving on without Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey. In the process they are making AL East life miserable for the New York Yankees because it looks like they are shipping Dickey to the suddenly stacked Toronto Blue Jays. [Latest on the Dickey trade rumors]