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Kevin Youkilis signs with Yankees: New York begins countdown to end of the world

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Reports say the free-agent third baseman has agreed to a one-year, $12 million deal with the Yankees. New York fans will now begin preparing for the end of the world.


The New York Yankees and free-agent third baseman Kevin Youkilis have agreed to a one-year, $12-million deal, according to multiple reports.

The news officially begins the countdown to the end of the world, many Yankees' fans are confirming.

Seriously though, the Yankees did nearly the unimaginable Tuesday, agreeing to terms with a former long-time Boston Red Sox corner infielder who helped break the hearts of millions of New York fans in 2004 and did many irritating things since - like tick-off Yankee relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain in '07.

This move, which was forced when it was reported Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was going to miss a majority of the 2013 regular season because of hip surgery and Mark Reynolds signed a one-year, $6 million deal with the Cleveland Indians earlier in the week, is something that has been done before.

Youkilis becomes the seventh former '04 Red Sox player to ink a deal with the Yankees; the others were outfielder Johnny Damon, first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, infielder Mark Bellhorn, and pitchers Derek Lowe, Mike Myers and Alan Embree.

Other notable Red Sox turned Yankees feature Roger Clemens and Hall of Famer Wade Boggs.

This one, though, does feels a bit different.

Youkilis has garnered a different type of hatred among Yankees supporters - I once heard a New York fan go on for 45 minutes about how much he hated Youkilis because he somehow was able to be produce despite having very little talent (I mean, really? That's why you hate him?).

Of course, many Yankee enthusiasts just hate Youkilis for his long goatee and bald head - which is understandable, I guess.

The city of New York will now need to learn to embrace the 33-year-old, three-time All Star and two-time World Series champion, who will come to the Bronx looking to fill the void left by another unwanted Yankee - Rodriguez.

(To those who think A-Rod had an uphill climb to become a true Yankee, this scenario is much worse. In his nine-year career with the Red Sox, Youkilis was hit 17 times by Yankee pitchers, included five times last season.)

Image wise: Youkilis may be able to quickly overcome the Red Sox stereotype. He works hard, plays hard and is as straight forward as they come - plus, most of Boston hates him now and that's a step in the right direction.

Production wise: Youkilis may hear more boos than cheers.

Last season, Youkilis played in just 122 games, hit .235 with 19 home runs and 60 RBI, but more importantly, had a career-low .336 OBP and .745 OPS.

It seems like his career is on the decline, and it could be if back issues continue to hamper him.

However, if he stays healthy and is productive, Youkilis can and will be able to (somewhat) win over his Yankee critics.

It can be done, but until it does New Yorkers will immediately begin packing their Doomsday preparedness kits and thanking their respective gods that Youkilis is in town for only one season.