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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Giants, Jets both head north

Big Blue and Gang Green propelled by big wins.


The NFL Power Rankings for Week 15 are here and the New York Giants are once again showing they have what it takes to make a run at the crown, climbing higher in the Top 10 after an impressive win over the New Orleans Saints. The New York Jets also made their way north, but have a long way to go before they make any real noise.

Check out the latest rankings and let us know what you think!

1. New England Patriots (LW: 3, 10-3)
- Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are partying like it's 2004.
Next up: vs. No. 5 49ers

2. Denver Broncos (LW: 4, 10-3)
- One final test Sunday before two cupcakes to finish the season.
Next up: at No. 13 Ravens

3. Houston Texans (LW: 1, 11-2)
- Texans aren't quite ready for prime time yet.
Next up: vs. No. 9 Colts

4. Green Bay Packers (LW: 5, 9-4)
- Giants could end up being the only team to beat the Pack the last three months of the season.
Next up: at No. 12 Bears

5. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 6, 9-3-1)
- The kid will get to show what he's made of against Bill Belichick.
Next up: at No. 1 Patriots

6. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 2, 11-2)
- The least feared No. 1 seed in the playoffs ever?
Next up: vs. No. 7 Giants

7. New York Giants (LW: 9, 8-5)
- If David Wilson can be a fraction of what we saw Sunday, Big Blue will be very, very dangerous.
Next up: at No. 6 Falcons

8. Washington Redskins (LW: 10, 7-6)
- Captain Kirk isn't RG3, but he's not a bad Plan B!
Next up: at No. 19 Browns

9. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 12, 9-4)
- Not the most talented team, but I wouldn't want anything to do with this team in the playoffs.
Next up: at No. 3 Texans

10. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 7, 7-6)
- Losing out on a playoff spot because of a home loss to the Cowboys? Ouch.
Next up: at No. 26 Eagles

11. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 13, 8-5)
- The Seahakws just scored again... And again.
Next up: at No. 25 Bills

12. Chicago Bears (LW: 8, 8-5)
- This ship is sinking quickly.
Next up: vs. No. 4 Packers

13. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 11, 9-4)
- Wow, Cam Cameron is terrible? If only EVERYONE in the NFL could have told the Ravens that...
Next up: vs. No. 2 Broncos

14. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 16, 7-6)
- Could leap-frog free falling Bears for the final wild card.
Next up: vs. No. 18 Steelers

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 14, 6-7)
- Will com up short this season, but Greg Schiano is building something special.
Next up: at No. 21 Saints

16. St. Louis Rams (LW: 18, 6-6-1)
- Need a whole lot of losing to happen if they want to sneak into the playoffs.
Next up: vs. No. 17 Vikings

17. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 20, 7-6)
- Adrian Peterson is talking about the rushing record, but Minny will need more than AP to beat the Texans or Packers down the stretch.
Next up: at No. 16 Rams

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 15, 7-6)
- Bring back Charlie Batch!
Next up: at No. 14 Cowboys

19. Cleveland Browns (LW: 21, 5-8)
- Craziest playoff scenario? Browns run the table and jump over the Jets, Bengals and Steelers.
Next up: vs. No. 8 Redskins

20. New York Jets (LW: 24, 6-7)
- Hope for the playoffs has calmed the Tebowmania talk (for now).
Next up: at No. 29 Titans

21. New Orleans Saints (LW: 17, 5-8)
- Saints should pack Drew Brees away for 2013.
Next up: vs. No. 15 Buccaneers

22. Carolina Panthers (LW: 26, 4-9)
- The Panthers would have been scary if Cam Newton didn't sleepwalk through half the season.
Next up: at No. 24 Chargers

23. Miami Dolphins (LW: 19, 5-8)
- Joe Philbin says the Dolphins mistakes are "correctable". Unfortunately for him, being the Dolphins is not.
Next up: vs. No. 30 Jaguars

24. San Diego Chargers (LW: 28, 5-8)
- Norv Turner got the game ball last week, but for some reason a pink slip wasn't attached.
Next up: vs. No. 22 Panthers

25. Buffalo Bills (LW: 22, 5-8)
- Here's a fun prop bet: how many minutes after the final game until Chan Gailey is fired?
Next up: vs. No. 11 Seahawks

26. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 29, 4-9)
- Nearly 400 yards from Nick Foles was impressive, but even more so when you factor in the lack of any running game.
Next up: vs. No. 10 Bengals

27. Detroit Lions (LW: 23, 4-9)
- History! For the third straight week, the Lions blew a 10-point lead, an NFL record.
Next up: at No. 28 Cardinals

28. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 25, 4-9)
- He can dry his eyes on his $120 million contract, but Larry Fitzgerald has to be kicking himself for staying in Arizona.
Next up: vs. No. 27 Lions

29. Tennessee Titans (LW: 30, 4-9)
- Nothing says excitement like Jets-Titans on Monday Night Football!
Next up: vs. No. 20 Jets

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 27, 2-11)
- Keep hope alive! That No. 1 overall pick is still in play.
Next up: at No. 23 Dolphins

31. Oakland Raiders (LW: 32, 3-10)
- If there was ever a time to start Terrelle Pryor, it's against the Bad New Chiefs.
Next up: vs. No. 32 Chiefs

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 31, 2-11)
- Last winnable game of the season for the Chiefs = one more chance to blow their shot at the No. 1 pick.
Next up: at No. 31 Raiders