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Yankees' news, rumors: Brian Cashman not fazed by Ichiro reports

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Ichiro Suzuki would apparently like the New York Yankees to hurry up and decide if they want him to be their right fielder next season. The Yankees, it seems, really don't feel like being pressured.

Here is how Yankees' GM Brian Cashman responded to reports that Ichiro is growing impatient and beginning to negotiate with other teams:

"We've been very open and honest with everyone about the process we're going through and how we're going through it," Cashman added. "We can control our line of communication and or decision-making. We certainly don't control anybody else's decision-making. I respect everyone's ability to make choices. "Free agency is free choice. It seems like I'm saying that a lot lately."

You have to suspect that there is a lot of posturing going on between the two sides right now. Ichiro is a future Hall of Famer who doesn't want to be treated like a spare part. The Yankees want to do things on their own timetable. Now, we see who blinks.