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Tim Tebow hinting he wants more playing time?

Tim Tebow made some comments to the media on Wednesday that could be hinting at a desire for more playing time.


Tim Tebow spoke to the media on Wednesday, and some of his comments could be looked at as hinting that he'd like some more playing time. Tebow's role in the offense was a talking point during the pre-season, and the player himself was not exactly sure what that role was going to become as the season got underway. The Jets' backup had the following to say about his expectations over the summer, via

"I didn't know what to be expect, to be honest with you. It was hard to picture what was going to happen. How this was all going to mesh. It was tough to try to know what exactly what to expect."

Now that the season is well underway, Tebow should have a decent idea about what exactly his role with the team is. He's been averaging about three touches per game, and had the following to say about the limited playing time and it's effect on his play, also via

"When you're getting the ball a lot during the game you kind of get the rhythm during the game. It makes it easier. You get the feel, the rhythm. I think spot playing is fun, you're in different roles. At the same time it's hard to get a feel. Sometimes if you're in a few plays on a drive it gets easier. Sometimes that's the harder part of spot playing. But it is fun. I just love playing."

Ahead of the bye week, Jets' coach Rex Ryan stated that he'd look at the way he was using Tebow. They'll be back in action after the bye this Sunday afternoon, when they take on the Seattle Seahawks. The game is scheduled to kick off at 4:05 p.m. ET from Seattle, and can be seen on CBS.