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Mets' trade rumors: Dickey contract talks not going well

Contract talks are reportedly not going well with pitcher R.A. Dickey and the New York Mets may be interested in trading him.

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The New York Mets are potentially interested in trading right-handed pitcher R.A. Dickey, according to a report by Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

Citing multiple sources, Sherman explained that Dickey and the organization are having a difficult time finding common ground while attempting to negotiate an extension. This has led the team to gauge the interest of other league executives at the General Managers Meetings to see what Dickey is worth via trade.

With one year remaining on a deal that will pay him $5 million, the Mets want to see if the returns from a trade would be more valuable than holding onto him.

According to Sherman, the contract negotiations with Dickey are in the early stages. With the team focusing heavily on extending third baseman David Wright, Dickey has been placed on the back burner. This means that the nature of the discussions could change.

However, it is believed that the two sides disagree on the long-term value of Dickey, who recently turned 38.