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NBA power rankings 2012: Knicks shooting up the rankings

The New York Knicks are near the top of the NBA power rankings after one week of the season, while the Nets linger closer to the middle of the pack.


The New York Knicks had a great opening week to the season and are near the top of all NBA power rankings from around the web. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets sit near the middle of the pack.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation, the Knicks come in at No. 5 and get heavy praise as Rosenthal says, "the Knicks haven't looked this thoroughly dominant to open a season in over a decade." New York is ranked even higher in other power rankings. In Marc Stein's rankings at ESPN, New York is No. 3, they are also third in Kurt Helin's rankings at Pro Basketball Talk. The Knicks are No. 2 in John Schuhmann's rankings at And Matt Moore at CBS Sports has the Knicks as the top-ranked team. In most all of the rankings the Knicks climbed at least eight spots from their previous week's ranking.

Things haven't been quite as good for the Nets. Most of the power rankings came out before Brooklyn lost to Minnesota on Monday, but still the Nets have dropped in the rankings. Brooklyn comes in at No. 14 in SB Nation's rankings. The Nets are also 14th at ESPN. At the Nets are ranked No. 9 and at Pro Basketball Talk they are No. 10. At CBS Sports, the power rankings came out on Tuesday, after the Nets' loss, and they are ranked No. 16. Overall that gives the Nets an average ranking of 12.6.