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David Wright named Mets' Wilson Defensive Player of the Year

David Wright became the first New York Met to receive the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award, a new trophy that will be given to the best defensive player on each team in the league.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Third baseman David Wright has been named the New York Mets' first Wilson Defensive Player of the Year, an award given to one player on each team as well as one player and one team from around each league.

Wright, who won the 2007 and 2008 Gold Gloves, had the best fielding percentage of his career. Although his range factor showed a decline from his Gold Glove campaigns, he had a marked decrease in errors in the 2012 season: In 2011, Wright committed a whopping 19 errors in only 101 games, good for a .929 fielding percentage, but in 2012, Wright played 54 more games but committed only 10 errors, nearly half as many as the year before despite the additional playing time.

Wright didn't get any national awards for his defensive play -- the NL award went to Michael Bourn with the Braves getting the team award, while Chase Headley earned the Gold Glove at third base -- but this award recognizes his status as the best defensive player on the Mets this season.