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Rutgers vs. Army: Scarlet Knights to wear patriotic helmets

Rutgers will be donning alternative helmets in Saturday's game against Army.


Rutgers will wear alternative helmets in Saturday's game against Army, which are meant to honor and support the men and women who serve in the United States military.

The helmets will feature a patriotic theme, which will draw heavily from the United States' national flag. In addition, the helmet will feature a worn, chrome base paint, which appears as though it has been through battle.

The team will also be using this weekend as an opportunity to raise money for the victims of last week's Superstorm Sandy, which heavily impacted the New Jersey area. Rutgers has created shirts that have the word "stRong" superimposed over an outline of the state of New Jersey. The letter "R" is differentiated from the other letters on the shirt as it is the same logo that appears on the team's helmets.

Fans in attendance can purchase the shirt for a $15 donation, which will be given to relief efforts.

To read more about Rutgers' relief efforts and to see a picture of the helmet, click here.